Dual-Sport Routes

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Dual-Sport Routes

Bill Chop Chestnut Wheelie MotoADVRIn recent years I’ve received more and more interest in routes for lighter weight bikes. This part of Kentucky has a lot of “abandoned” county roads that are a real handful for heavy ADV bikes but are a lot of fun on the lightweight machines. Unfortunately, these sections are still connected by paved roads, so a street-legal bike is still required. That said, there are two designated OHV areas within 50 miles of the Campground, offering attendees a great opportunity to ride designated single-track and a way to get the kids out on their off-road only bikes.

Cold Iron Fork Bill DeVoreRegarding difficulty; the published loops below are true “dual-sport” routes that may include “Advanced” ADV sections, along with other county roads that I feel are beyond “advanced” difficulty for most ADV riders. That said, these routes are well within the capability of a portly CRF250L, assuming that’s the kind of riding you’re looking to do. Per my previous comments, note that these published loops are “Dual-Sport, plate-required routes.

Northeast Dual-Sport Loop

(REVER route)

Pumpkin Hollow MotoADVRMostly a tour of Menifee County, including a string of derelict county roads my grandparents used to scramble around when they were kids, the NE Dual-Sport loop takes you out to some of the least traveled dirt roads near Red River Gorge.

Central Dual-Sport Loop

(Rever Route)
For riders on lightweight dual-sport bikes looking for more challenging trails, I’ve merged the most challenging sections of the DBBB with select, nearby, Hard sections of the Kentucky Adventure Tour (KAT). This loop is intended for “Advanced” off-road riders; be warned, these trails contain significantly rutted, muddy trails, steep inclines, and ledges in excess of 12 inches. The buddy system and adequate tools and water are highly encouraged.

RRS SW Dual-Sport Loop

(REVER Route)
For riders that didn’t get their fill with the Central DS Loop, I’ve merged sections of the KAT Main Loop with select “Hard” sections of the KAT into one GPX route for a 125-mile loop southwest out of Beattyville. Per my previous comments, this loop is also intended for Advanced riders on lightweight dual-sport bikes, previous warnings also apply.

Off-Highway-Vehicle Riding Opportunities

KXCR Training Facility: “The Holler”

(REVER Route)

For 2021, KXCR has granted Red River Scramble attendees access to their training facility called “The Holler” in Clay City. The Holler sits on 1,700 acres and is a designated, motorcycle-only trail system, just 25 miles up the road from Lago Linda where the Rally is held. For folks that don’t have a plated motorcycle, or want to challenge themselves on motorcycle single-track versus the public jeep trails, this is your opportunity. Please note, anyone riding at the KXCR Training Facility is required to sign a waiver. See the links below for more details:

Address: 1570 Little Hardwicks Creek Rd, Clay City, KY 40312

Required Waiver: https://kxcracing.com/liability-waiver/

White Sulfur OHV Trail

( REVER Route)

Last year I received a handful of inquiries about dedicated off-road riding. Unfortunately, with the presence of the National Forest, off-road only riding is somewhat difficult around the gorge, however, there are a few opportunities not far away, specifically White Sulfur OHV Trail just north of Frenchburg.  About 20 or so miles of wide single track, folks interested in less traveled dual-sport riding can pick up a permit at several of the local outlets and enjoy an afternoon of riding around Cave Run Lake. More information on White Sulfur OHV Trail can be found HERE.

Red Bird Crest Trail System

(DBNF Map)

Part of the DBNF, similar to White Sulfur, Redbird Crest has over 100 miles of motorized trails including over 12 miles of designated motorcycle single track. The nearest trailhead is about 45 miles south of Beattyville. Again, like White Sulfur, riders will need to purchase a riding permit from a designated location before taking to the trail. More information for Redbird Crest can be found HERE.