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North Street Loop

(GPX file and REVER Route)

DCIM124GOPROIf you’re looking to skip the tourist stuff and get straight to the canyon carving, this is a good start. This paved loop has all my favorite roads near RRG, 77, 2016, and Pilot Road. Tighten your chinstrap and keep your lids peeled because you’ll be lucky to find any warning signs on this serpentine of Appalachian twisties.

Southwest Twisty Loop

(GPX File and REVER Route)

KY-89 S-turn MotoADVRThree hours of endless sweepers and switchbacks, the Southwest loop takes riders through long stretches of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Inside the national forest riders can enjoy the Appalachian foothills with less concern for traffic and intersections; just don’t forget to fill up when you see a gas station, they’re few and far between in these parts

Northwest Scenic Loop

(GPX File and REVER Route)

SkyBridge MotoADVRA more relaxed pace on the scenic roads up and through Red River Gorge, including a stop at Sky Bridge. These paved roads are a bit wider and are among the best maintained in the area. This loop is also convenient if you’re looking for a good place to stop and have lunch or dinner; just don’t linger too long, the sun sets early in these parts.

Covered Bridge Loop

(GPX File and REVER Route)
There are just over a dozen covered bridges left standing in the entire state of Kentucky. e9736-covered-bridge-triumph-scrambler-motoadvrIf you’re looking for a casual scenic ride through the bluegrass, the Covered Bridge Loop will take you back in time to see seven of the covered bridges within range of Slade. This route is just over 200 miles, so be prepared to find fuel in Flemingsburg or Maysville, but with so few bridges left in Kentucky, don’t miss out on this chance to enjoy the best of the rolling hills of the bluegrass region.

Iron Furnace Loop

(GPX File and REVER Route)
Bourbon Ironworks MotoADVREastern Kentucky has a rich heritage associated with the early pioneer days; they don’t call it “Daniel Boone National Forest” for nothing. With that, there are a number of iron furnace relics scattered around the area. For history buffs that are looking for twisty pavement, and are prepared to traverse a couple gravel access roads, the Iron Furnace Loop will take riders on a tour of five of the local ironworks blast furnaces.

Southeast Rustic Paved Loop

(GPX File and REVER Route)

Disappear into the hills for a few hours and enjoy the remote feeling of riding through rustic backcountry of the Bluegrass state.

South Sweeper Loop

(GPX File and REVER Route)

Twisty backcountry roads and endless sweepers, the south loop has a little bit of everything as it takes you out to more remote parts of Kentucky.